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Jaime Duyck

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer at ChargerHelp, Jaime takes a very strategic and creative approach to business development that ultimately increases revenues & profits while continuously adding value to customers. Jaime and her team have successfully deployed O&M services across the U.S. that meet mass-EV adoption uptime needs head-on.  

Jaime’s been impactful as a growth strategist in the EV industry since 2015. As Director of Sales at EV Connect, she’s contributed to over $12M in EVSE developments equalling over 4000 installed EV charging stations. Since then, Jaime has provided consulting services to various EVSE OEM’s and Network Providers and has an affinity for developing strong, long-lasting business relationships built on trust and execution.

Jaime Duyck’s Session(s):

Realities of EV Station Repair, Maintenance, and Communications — Fri, March 31, 2023

This technical session will discuss the realities of EV station maintenance and repair to include key factors such as how to mitigate non-functioning stations, create operational efficiencies, and enable a reliable charging network. These elements are crucial to ownership, operations, and ensuring a ROI. 

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