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Dejan Antunovic

Electrification Program Manager

Dejan manages dozens of electrification projects as PepsiCo scales up the electrification of 85,000+ small, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. Dejan’s primary focus is charging infrastructure development and preparing hundreds of PepsiCo facilities for the deployment of EVs. Dejan has experience launching charging depots (level 2 and DC fast charging) for electric class 2b & 6 vehicles, as well as MCS (megawatt charging systems) for class 8 electric vehicles.


Dejan Antunovic’s Session(s):

Infrastructure Design for Fleets — Thu, March 30, 2023

Many municipal and commercial fleet operators are unsure what model will work best for their needs. It is no longer about if, but when to electrify your fleet. Creating an infrastructure that is scalable to accommodate new fleet growth is essential. This session will enable attendees to:

  • Explore grid-independent charging stations
  • Learn how to overcome infrastructure obstacles 
  • Considerations for public transport fleet operators 
  • Optimize AI to manage infrastructure elements and best model rollout strategies
  • Leverage GIS analysis to map current operations and identify the need for depots, distribution centers, and other facilities to help executive map EV fleet expansion 

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