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Sarah Chatterjee

Director, Electrification Strategies and Programs
Electric Power Engineers, LLC

Sarah Chatterjee is an energy service professional that has been in the energy and electric utility
industry for over 14 years. She is currently the Director of Electrification Strategy and Programs at
Electric Power Engineers and has spent most of her career working with demand response, energy
efficiency, transportation electrification and customer-sited distributed energy resources. Sarah is
passionate about clean energy solutions, customer programs, and strategic design, implementation and
integration of behind the meter technologies for the purpose of delivering energy savings, operational
efficiencies, consumer benefits, and resiliency. Prior to joining Electric Power Engineers, Sarah worked
on building demand response into a grid resource, implementing and operating a Demand Response
Management System, and designing and implementing behind the meter distributed generation, energy
storage, electric vehicle, demand response, and energy efficiency programs for electric utilities.

Sarah Chatterjee’s Session(s):

Standardizing the Industry: Protocols and Standards to Overcome Variable Conditions — Fri, March 31, 2023

Technology that powers the EV charging industry is ever evolving, and as EVs become a consistent player in the nation’s transit, standardizations and interoperability of charging are produced. CPOs and E-mobility service providers face common challenges such as integrating roaming capabilities and keeping up with emerging protocols and regulations. This session explores the key enablers for the future of deploying EV charging infrastructures such as OCPP, OCPI, OpenADR, OSCP, OCHP, OICP, and eMIP.

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