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Naeem Farooqi

VP of Fleet Strategies
INF Associates

Naeem is a key member of INF Associate’s Fleet Electrification & Consulting Team with expertise in business case development and asset management. His proficiency spans organizational performance benchmarks, accessibility design and compliance, supply chain and goods movement, fleet procurement, fleet decarbonization, charger strategy and emission optimization, technology feasibility analysis, project development, and strategy execution within various transit and fleet functions.

Naeem is known for solving complex fleet challenges with innovative approaches. Naeem supports INF upfront consulting services to optimize fleet transition strategy through unique technology and hands-on fleet solutions. Naeem has worked on zero-emission transit projects across the globe including Canada, the USA, Peru, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean, and Ivory Coast.

Naeem Farooqi’s Session(s):

3:00 pm–5:00 pm | Wed, March 29, 2023

EV Charging 101: Site-Host Selection, Install & Operations *EXCLUSIVE TO QUALIFIED APPLICANTS*

Electric Vehicle charging is simple, cost-effective, convenient, and offers a great return on investment. This workshop gives clear and actionable solutions to those who are considering installing charging stations whether at a fleet hub, MUD, commercial retail center, place of work, or integrating it into a municipal, or city planning strategy. Topics include site acquisition, installation, activation, networking, and charging station policies such as pricing, access control, administration rights, and advertisements. 

  • Identify charging expectations and the carbon-credit potential for your organization and site
  • Classify key elements that you would like to integrate into your site
  • Grasp the benefits of energy management
  • Build a strategy for installing, activating, and operating your charging stations
  • Implement charging station policies that align with your investment goals
  • Maximize your ROI 
  • Understand the infrastructure requirements to support a successful charging station
  • Evaluate influential data around creating high customer satisfaction ratings


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1:45 pm–2:15 pm | Fri, March 31, 2023

Key Performance Indicators for Install, Maintenance, and Successful EV Transitions

Utilization, charge sessions, sustainability, health, and revenue can measure EV Charging station performance. These metrics can help improve existing stations and elevate planning and development for new stations. Fleet and Pilot monitoring gives critical data that helps to ensure adoption success for public and private charging infrastructure. This session will explain the top KPIs for electrification from a fleet EV charging standpoint covering ESG and triple-bottom-line approaches that can be applied to many charging station strategies. 

Join this session to leverage KPIs and maximize ROI. 

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