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* Anthony Booth

Founder and CEO

Tony leads his team in addressing the growing demand to support the transition to more sustainable transportation alternatives. After thirty years in the construction industry, Tony has brought his knowledge and experience to the hospitality industry and the expansion of EV charging infrastructure.

* Anthony Booth’s Session(s):

Resilient Solutions & Opportunities: Overcoming Regulatory, Utility, & Infrastructure Hurdles — Fri, March 31, 2023

One size doesn't fit all. As a property owner, ownership includes that of the property, the responsibility of managing amenities, property maintenance, and configuring electrical capacity. So where does EV charging fall? Defining whether to own or lease charging stations is one of the many decisions to be made by a site host. This session will cover:  

  • Identifying what you will need from your utility 
  • Define your strategy for ownership
  • Streamline your engineering processes to fast-track infrastructure and associated construction

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