Hadi Hajimiri

CEO & Founder
Popion Mobility

Hadi has a strong track record of building products with fast growing Silicon Valley technology startups: Samsara (Trucking IoT IPOed at $11.5B), Medallia (Customer Success SaaS with a $6.4B exit), and Nvidia (a $500B Computer Hardware company). After helping these companies grow, Hadi stepped aside to embark on a new mission to help save the environment. He founded Popion Mobility to invent advanced technologies that enable sustainable ways of living.

As one of the first Engineering Managers at Samsara, Hadi, with his product partner, built the Equipment Monitoring division from the ground to a 22 person organization, surpassing $20m annual recurring revenue, with over 100,000 battery-powered smart devices sold (U.S. Patent 10,827,324). At Medallia, Hadi led the engineering team responsible for the Data Collection Platform, a highly available customer facing web service that processed millions of customer surveys each day. Hadi attended the PhD program at the University of Florida for 4 years where he worked on Advanced Microprocessor Architectures.

Hadi Hajimiri’s Session(s):

| Tuesday, October 18, 2022

3:20 p.m.–4:20 p.m. Pacific: BEV Adoption in the Trucking Industry

Commercial trucking is an integral part of the nationwide infrastructure. As BEV adoption grows, fleets in the trucking industry are shifting to electrification. An increase in electrified trucking demands charging access and additional infrastructure. emerging charging solution innovations. Come away with a better understanding of:

    • Drivers and Challenges within electrification of Medium-Duty Trucking 
    • Infrastructure Installation Programs(Charge Ready Transport)
    • Scaling EV Infrastructure for Fleets (10 year deployment strategy, Grant Writing Assistance, EV Readiness Studies)
    • The role of utilities for Fleet Operators, Dealers and OEMs
    • Emerging charging solution innovations

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