Alix Smith

Chief Production Officer
Southwest Industrial Electric

CPO Alix came to Southwest Industrial Electric straight out of high school. His inspiration for entering the electrical field was sparked from observing his cousin's endeavors in the electrical industry and his hands-on experience working on a commercial fishing boat at the age of 15. Early on, the prospect of working outdoors and engaging in daily hands-on tasks appealed to Alix, instilling in him a passion that has never left him. These initial experiences laid the foundation for his strong work ethic, as well as emphasized the value of hard work and patience—an indispensable skill, particularly in the realm of electrical systems.

With 18 years of industry expertise, Alix values the enduring sense of family that permeates Southwest Industrial Electric, a culture that has persisted despite the company's growth. Throughout his journey with SIE, Alix remains captivated by the role of electricity in propelling the world forward. Recognizing its pervasive presence in almost every global process, he views the ability to comprehend and manage electricity as an invaluable skill. Alix perceives SIE as a place that harbors ambitious goals while maintaining a nurturing "Mom and Pop" attitude. This ethos is evident in his leadership role, where he treats every employee as an extension of the SIE family.

Alix Smith’s Session(s):

1:05 pm–2:05 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Dig It: Site Installation and Considerations

Installing EV charging stations at your residential, commercial, or municipal site can be an incredible opportunity to increase cash flow and reap numerous value-creation opportunities. However, not every site is shovel-ready.  New installations require careful planning, permitting, and design. This session will dive into site analysis, security requirements, infrastructure planning, power requirements, environmental integration, and installation.

Join us for this fundamental session to learn:

  • Evaluating your site and assessing charging types for capacity needs
  • How to coordinate early with the local utilities to verify power demarcation and pathways to the charger locations
  • Guiding principles for site selection, feasibility, and design decisions for your region
  • Proactive subsurface damage prevention measures
  • Assessing population, density factors, and local income rates that could impact your site

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