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Son Dang

Chief Hardware Officer
Loop Global Inc.

Son Dang is the Chief Hardware Officer at Loop Global Inc. He is a licensed electrical engineer with extensive experience in energy product development, production, and deployment. Son has brought to market Loop’s compelling EV charging stations, accessory hardware, and connectivity solutions. Prior to joining Loop, he led the engineering new product integration division at Tesla focusing on Powerwall, SolarRoof, and Wall Connector. He is passionate about developing products to help shape a better future.

Son Dang’s Session(s):

Available Technologies and Interoperability — Fri, March 31, 2023

Discover emerging technologies that will create efficient management strategies, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Whether it is energy and charging management or batteries and the vehicles themselves, business customers and consumers always want smarter, faster, greener, and lower-cost technologies. In this session, attendees will learn about the new innovations in EV charging to bolster their infrastructure. 

  • See how AI accelerates the maturity of the clean energy industry
  • Implement innovative technologies to fast-track your charging infrastructure 
  • Improve interoperability to enhance the overall charging experience for customers

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