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Alternative Power Generation, Inc.

Alternative Power Generation, Inc.
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Alternative Power Generation, Inc.’s Session(s):

Power Storage ROI - When, Where, Why? — Thu, March 30, 2023

Energy storage costs are estimated to experience a 33% decline by 2030. While a valuable investment, there is no one-size-fits-all application for power storage coupled with EV charging stations. Consider the elements such as power storage duration, degradation, upfront, and operational costs, and speed of taking energy back to the grid to choose when, where, and why power storage is worth your investment. In this session, attendees will: 

  • Learn about the advancements in mobile charging stations
  • Depict what type of security your power requires 
  • Explore smart technology to optimize and automate the function of your energy storage systems
  • Use power storage and batteries to mitigate grid upgrade costs

The Backup Plan: Breakdowns, Backups, & Disaster Preparedness — Fri, March 31, 2023

EVs and microgrids can serve as powerful tools for community resilience and relief. In the event of a natural disaster, EVs can be used as backup batteries, and mobile charging stations can draw from utility power and battery-stored energy for quick deployment in rural areas, disaster sites, areas experiencing a power outage, and more. This session will delve into using microgrids and EVs as temporary power solutions separate from the larger power grid. 

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