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Joshua Aviv

Founder & CEO

Joshua is a certified Data Scientist and the Founder & CEO of SparkCharge. His experience in the clean tech and automotive OEM Industry spans 10 years, and he is a dynamic figure in the clean tech community. Joshua has raised over $50MM to advance EV Charging infrastructure and clean tech initiatives across the country. Josh was named, on Insider’s 100 Business Insider’s Transformers list and EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Joshua was featured on Shark Tank, winning partnerships with both Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. Josh is democratizing access to electric vehicle (EV) charging energy and accelerating EV adoption for everyone.

Joshua Aviv’s Session(s):

Smart Fleets: Charging Software Integration — Fri, March 31, 2023

Dispatch systems, telematics, and enterprise resource planning integrations. Explore management systems that confront upfront costs and operational disruptions. This session will dive into the complexities of electric utility structures, use schedules, demand charges, etc. that will create a more efficient and cost-effective fleet.

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