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Will 'WD' Scherle

VP of Workforce Development
Soulful Synergy, LLC.

Will ‘WD’ Scherle is a dedicated electrification and decarbonization professional with nearly 15 years of experience. The first half of his career was spent working with C&I + multifamily customers, identifying opportunities and developing energy efficiency and on-site generation projects. Since then, Mr. Scherle has focused almost exclusively on electrification, including Project Manager for a large energy storage manufacturer, Program Designer for electric vehicle charging utility incentive programs, and Consultant to a transit authority installing thousands of charging stations.

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Scherle is the VP of Operations for Kawi Energy Group and the VP of Workforce Development for Soulful Synergy. Currently, Mr. Scherle is developing Soulful Synergy’s Transportation Electrification Workforce Development Program. This training will provide professionals the skills they need to understand the basics of electric vehicles, charging stations, managed charging, and creating a system that works. 

Will 'WD' Scherle’s Session(s):

11:30 am–12:30 pm | Thu, March 30, 2023

Show Me the Money: Navigating Grants, Financing, and Incentives

With your strategy in place, you are ready to take the next step. $7.5 billion is up for grabs just from the federal government. How and where can you obtain grant incentives and what are the grant funding limits? This session will dive into everything related to the money side of the EV charging industry from loan financing, grant programs, incentives, rebates, and more. 

  • Learn which rebates you qualify for as a government, non-profit, multifamily, or school customer
  • Learn how federal and state funding affects your new build and existing build alterations (limitations)

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