Will DeRuve

VP of North American Sales

Will DeRuve is the VP of North American Sales for Lynkwell, an innovative energy technology company with a mission to transform how the world connects clean, renewable, and sustainable energy solutions with the evolving electric infrastructure. He works diligently to set the standard for providing a flawless customer experience in every project that he leads.

Will is an experienced fleet management professional as well as an EV driver himself. His tenacious work ethic and team-oriented approach are what drive his continued success. Will’s background and experience enable him to provide valuable insight and expertise while building relationships within the growing EV market.

Will DeRuve’s Session(s):

3:00 pm–4:00 pm | Thu, March 30, 2023

Designing for the Customer

EV Charging Stations are more than just a place to access energy. OEMs and owners of charging stations must incorporate several elements to keep their products and services competitive, reliable and user-friendly. Join this session to consider key factors to ensure successful charging infrastructure such as security solutions, access to single-phase and 3-phase AC (alternating current) power supply, intelligent sharing (connected to the cloud), smart metering, and more. 

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