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Lucas Teani

P.E. Civil Engineer

With experience providing civil engineering services for more than 800 Level 2 and DCFC stations for two of the largest EV charging networks in the U.S., Lucas is a true subject matter specialist in the EV charging market. He specializes in feasibility studies to retrofit existing developments with charging capabilities and the engineering, design, and permitting services required to implement chargers at new construction sites. Located in California, Lucas is fluent in navigating notoriously challenging jurisdictional reviews to help expedite EV projects to completion, bringing valuable experience and nuanced knowledge to each and every project. In addition to his work in the EV market, Lucas’ experience includes providing engineering and design services on commercial (QSR), accessibility compliance, and jurisdictional compliance. His experience is based on sound capabilities in site feasibility and
design; site planning; site accessibility analysis and design; drainage design; stormwater quality design; earthwork analysis; and permitting.

Lucas received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University.

Lucas Teani’s Session(s):

Best Practices in New Construction and Retrofits — Fri, March 31, 2023

Building professionals should voluntarily include certain features in new structures and encourage installation in older structures to meet future demand. This session will streamline your infrastructure development by learning how to navigate the challenges involved with codes, permitting, engineering, and more. Let’s make buildings EV-capable and EV ready!

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