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Tom Smith

Executive Director
Texas Electric Transportation Alliance (TxETRA)

Tom “Smitty” Smith is the director of Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance, working to develop the policy needed to electrify transportation in Texas. Before he ‘retired” he was the director of the Texas office of Public Citizen, for 32 years. During his career as a lobbyist on environmental, consumer and ethics issues, he worked to organize citizens to lobby for the Texas renewable energy standards, the Texas diesel emissions reductions program, and to block a dozen unneeded proposed Texas coal plants and four new nuclear plants. He has testified before the Texas
legislature more than 1,000 times. Smitty has also worked as a legislative aide, and at legal aid offices in Texas and Illinois and helped to develop the food banks in Austin and Houston.

Smitty graduated from Valparaiso University in 1974 where he studied air pollution and community organizing. He is originally from Champaign, Illinois.

Tom Smith’s Session(s):

Fast Tracking Progress: Streamlining Consistent Regulatory Standards — Thu, March 30, 2023

Creating an aligned strategy via standardization will increase consumer satisfaction and fast-track adoption. To create a more efficient and consistent EV charging infrastructure, interoperability, accessibility, and connectivity must evolve regulations. This session will delve into the current disparities in consumer options and the six categories that requirements must meet:

  • Installation, operation, and maintenance by EV infrastructure technicians
  • Interoperability of infrastructure
  • Traffic control devices and on-premise signs
  • Data, format, and schedule related to a project funded under the NEVI program 
  • Network connectivity
  • Information availability on locations, pricing, real-time access, and mapping applications

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