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Yilun Xu

Founder and Lead Developer

Yilun Xu is the Founder at PortFi. PortFi brings tech solutions to advance sustainability in transportation, by offering products and services in EV charging, fleet operation, carbon credit management, etc. Before PortFi, Yilun was an Electromobility Consultant for fleet electrification and enjoys a diverse background in engineering, business management, and tech.

Yilun Xu’s Session(s):

Smart Fleets: Charging Software Integration — Fri, March 31, 2023

Dispatch systems, telematics, and enterprise resource planning integrations. Explore management systems that confront upfront costs and operational disruptions. This session will dive into the complexities of electric utility structures, use schedules, demand charges, etc. that will create a more efficient and cost-effective fleet.

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