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Noam Hameiri

Chief Strategy Officer
DEELS Properties

Noam relocated to the USA from Tel Aviv in 2008 and joined DEELS Properties and California Home Builders, located in Los Angeles, California. Noam started as an area manager, became a regional manager, director of operations, and senior VP of operations, and is currently serving as the Chief Strategy Officer.

He is a strategist and an operator who leads teams and companies to achieve high-performing real-estate operations that offer exceptional service, are efficient, data-driven, and use cutting-edge technology. He is guided be a mission to make an impact on the people who he works with and on the multifamily industry and does this by building a forward-thinking operation, that always evolves, is operated by professionals, and relies on technology.

Some of Noam's guiding principles are that the operation and development of a company are about change and if a company is not changing and evolving, it is stagnating and falling behind. Noam believes in innovation and the importance of constantly learning as, in his view, it is not enough that a company is up to date, rather, it must foresee and strategize about the future to be up and ahead of tomorrow. As a strategic planner, Noam believes in strategic planning, readiness, and preparedness to change or in organizational agility as the core of running a company.

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