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Ryan Gallentine

Director, Electrifying Transportation
Advanced Energy United

Ryan Gallentine leads AEE’s transportation portfolio, designing political strategies and campaigns to promote electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure modernization. Ryan brings expertise in policy communications and coalition building on energy and mobility issues. Before joining AEE, Ryan led government relations programs at Lime, SolarCity, and Tesla to mobilize advocates in support of renewable energy at the state and local levels. Ryan has a
background in electoral politics in presidential campaigns, as well as congressional and gubernatorial races in Michigan and Virginia.

Ryan Gallentine’s Session(s):

Solving the Power Supply Dilemma: EV Load Management, Microgrids, Smart Metering & More — Thu, March 30, 2023

The electricity required to charge a vehicle is substantial, and as commercial and residential buildings install more charging stations, challenges arise around limited grid capacity and connection. Load management can equally distribute the power across charging stations and other equipment. This session will cover various solutions to the power dilemma including balancing the grid, EV load management, microgrids, trickle charge, demand charging, and smart metering. Join us for this important session to: 

  • Enable intelligent energy platforms to scale behind the meter-distributed energy
  • Harness system integrations to improve building efficiency and increase overall energy savings

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