David A. Tanner

Founder and CEO

David Tanner is Founder & CEO of Charj, LLC.  He has been at the center of the industrial design, engineering and deployment of chargers and charging stations in his roles as Tesla Supercharger Market Lead, Chief Product Officer for JuiceBar, Vice President of EVCI for Applegreen Electric, and ongoing endeavors with Charj.   

While at Tesla David originated enterprise host portfolios leading to the deployment of over 350 Supercharger and 120 Destination ports across the Northeast.  This includes 70 Supercharger ports along the Connecticut I95 Travel Plazas and 96 Tesla HPWC and J1772 ports across the Northeast ski resorts.  He later returned to the Connecticut Travel Plazas with Applegreen Electric to place the first CCS1 ports.

At JuiceBar David led the engineering and certification of best-in-class safety, durability, installation and cord management assemblies in commercial Level 2 charging.  He also introduced certified cordless solutions for urban curbside environments. 

With Charj he has enabled the award of over $1mm in grants.  Charj continues to introduce solutions that mitigate safety concerns arising from charging environments, lessen EVCI operating costs, streamline utility interconnects, maximize the value of incentives, increase charging current and enhance the user experience for drivers of all makes and models.

David A. Tanner’s Session(s):

3:00 pm–4:00 pm | Thu, March 30, 2023

Designing for the Customer

EV Charging Stations are more than just a place to access energy. OEMs and owners of charging stations must incorporate several elements to keep their products and services competitive, reliable and user-friendly. Join this session to consider key factors to ensure successful charging infrastructure such as security solutions, access to single-phase and 3-phase AC (alternating current) power supply, intelligent sharing (connected to the cloud), smart metering, and more. 

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