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Amanda Pietz

Administrator, Policy, Data, and Analysis Division
Oregon Department of Transportation

Amanda Pietz is the Administrator over the Oregon Department of Transportation Policy, Data, and Analysis Division. The Division oversees the work of the Policy, Planning, Research, Data, and the Climate Office. Amanda was the inaugural Climate Office Director, establishing a new program and setting the strategic climate direction for the agency. She has been with ODOT for 15 years, setting multimodal policy and investment direction. Amanda was the recipient of the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Presidents Award for Planning, and
chairs the AASHTO subcommittee on Air Quality, Climate Change and Energy.

Prior to ODOT, Amanda was an Archaeologist specializing in relationships with northwest tribes,
prehistoric sites, Victorian-era accoutrements, and Easter Island archaeology.

Amanda Pietz’s Session(s):

Ending Range Anxiety by Building a Dependable, Fast Charging Network — Thu, March 30, 2023

No longer will the fear of charging interfere with your cross-country travel itinerary. Expansion of the fast charging network across the U.S. enables long-distance and urban transit to decrease travel time and helps to broaden EV adoption and accessibility. This engaging panel discussion will cover an overview of fast-charging networks, allowing attendees to:

  • Evaluate the ROI of installing fast charging 
  • Discover when to use DC charging and the requirements to bring DC fast charging to your site
  • Understand what affects charging speed
  • Learn about the future of standardization in EV charging connectors

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