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Brian D. Shaw

Executive Dir. Transportation
Stanford University

Brian Shaw, CAPP is the Executive Director of Stanford Transportation at Stanford University. He has
spent his over 25-year career fostering commuter travel choices and innovations in parking
management. Brian has worked primarily in higher education at some of the leading research
institutions across the United States including Emory, the University of Chicago, University of
Pennsylvania before coming to Stanford. Under his leadership, Stanford has been able keep its peak
hour trips under a cap established in 2000, while the campus has continued to grow and thrive.
Brian served on the board of International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI) from 2014-20. He co-
chaired IPMI’s Sustainability Committee, while serving on the Education Development Committee and
Professional Recognition Task Force. He has developed a Transportation Demand Management course
series for IPMI and the Green Building Council to help educate non-practitioners. Brian also contributed
to IPMI’s A Guide to Parking, the first parking industry textbook, and IPMI’s “Introduction to Parking”
web course.

Brian currently serves as the Director at Large North on the board of the California Mobility and Parking
Association (CMPA) and sits on the professional development committee. Brian is a Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) with IPMI. He is the 2021 recipient of the James M. Hunnicutt Industry Professional of the Year award from IPMI. The department he leads, Stanford Transportation, won the 2021 Parking Organization of the Year award from IPMI. He is also a frequent contributor to Parking & Mobility, IPMI’s monthly magazine as well as the IPMI Blog. Brian has presented at IPMI, CMPA, PIPTA, ACT, NACUBO and was featured on The Parking Podcast in October
2019. He has helped found transportation conferences for the PAC-12, Ivy + and Bay Area universities.

Brian has a Master’s in City Planning from Penn and a Bachelor’s of the Arts in History from UCLA.

Brian D. Shaw’s Session(s):

Site Installation Fundamentals — Thu, March 30, 2023

Installing EV charging stations at your residential, commercial, or municipal site will enable you to increase cash flow, and reap numerous benefits and value-creation opportunities. This session will dive into site analysis, security requirements, infrastructure planning, power requirements, environment integration, and installation. Join us for this fundamental session to learn:

  • How to evaluate your site and assess charging types for capacity needs
  • Guiding principles for site selection, feasibility, and design decisions for your region 
  • Proactive subsurface damage prevention measures

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