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Brendon Mills

Fortress Solutions

For over 25 years, Brendon has served as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO in the communications and web-based technology market. Brendon has been involved in multiple venture-backed technology start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, & private equity investment and portfolio companies during his career.

Brendon founded venture-backed GENBAND in 1999 and led the company as CEO, President until 2005. During his tenure at GENBAND, he secured financing venture capital funding from Sevin Rosen, Sequoia Capital, Venrock, and Invesco, and through a successful partnership with Alcatel, won a significant part of the SBC Communications APON, VOIP (Project Light Speed) contract in 2004. In 2006, Brendon founded Rip Code, Inc., a video technology company based in Dallas/Austin, Texas that focused on the deployment of mobile, three-screen video trans coding and delivery. In 2010, Rip Code merged with RGB Networks, a Klein Perkins and Accelerate backed video technology company. Brendon has held previous positions with ATEME, S.A., RGB Networks, Cisco Systems through its acquisition of NetSpeed in 1998, Dell Computers and NetWorth, Inc.

In 2012 Brendon joined Fortress Solutions. In 2017, Fortress Solutions formed Fortress UAV, a wholly owned subsidiary venturing into the UAS/drone industry. Fortress Solutions is not only a leader in the telecom market, but rapidly evolving their expertise and experience for new emerging markets, including EV charging.

Brendon serves as Managing Partner of Vspeed Capital, LLC. He has 12 US technology patents and holds a B.A. degree from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.

Brendon Mills’s Session(s):

Realities of EV Station Repair, Maintenance, and Communications — Fri, March 31, 2023

Maintenance and operability hinder ROI and EV adoption. This session will discuss the realities of EV station repair, maintenance, and communications. Key factors such as how to mitigate non-functioning stations, create operational efficiencies, and enable a reliable charging network will be crucial to owning and operating a system and ensuring a ROI. 

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