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Andreas Lips

President and CEO
Shell Recharge Solutions

Chief Executive Officer, Andreas is committed to leading Shell Recharge Solutions (previously known
as Greenlots) towards its mission to sustainably shape the electric mobility future by delivering
innovative EV charging solutions that connect communities in a safer, cleaner, and smarter way. With
nearly two decades of experience taking on customer-centric roles in mobility, he is uniquely positioned
to grow Shell Recharge Solutions into an industry leader in the e-mobility space. Prior to joining Shell
Recharge Solutions in 2020, Andreas worked for various businesses across the Shell Group for 17 years,
with his most recent role as General Manager of Electric Mobility. With extensive experience in the
global commercial fleet business sector, Andreas is well-qualified to oversee Shell Recharge Solutions’
business objectives and commercial targets to deliver unparalleled solutions and services to its
customers. Andreas earned his Master’s degree in social and economic studies, business development
from the University of Klagenfurt. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Andreas Lips’s Session(s):

Welcome and Keynote Panel: Open Standards and the Future of EV Charging — Thu, March 30, 2023

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