Zach Woogen

Interim Executive Director
Vehicle-Grid Integration Council

Zach Woogen manages regulatory, policy, and market development efforts at the Vehicle Grid Integration Council, covering rate and program design, interconnection rules and regulations, and managed charging and V2X technology in the leading VGI markets. Zach is also a consultant at Strategen, supporting go-to-market strategy for clients in the V2X and smart charging space.

Zach Woogen’s Session(s):

11:30 am–12:30 pm | Thu, March 30, 2023

Solving the Power Supply Dilemma: EV Load Management, Microgrids, Smart Metering & More

The electricity required to charge a vehicle is substantial, and as commercial and residential buildings install more charging stations, challenges arise around limited grid capacity and connection. Load management can equally distribute the power across charging stations and other equipment. This session will cover various solutions to the power dilemma including balancing the grid, EV load management, microgrids, trickle charge, demand charging, and smart metering. Join us for this important session to: 

  • Enable intelligent energy platforms to scale behind the meter-distributed energy
  • Harness system integrations to improve building efficiency and increase overall energy savings

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