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Wed, March 29, 2023 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Room One

Charging Maintenance and Operability for Electrical Contractors and Technicians

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Join us in this 2-hour session where we will cover a variety of topics targeted at electrician support and maintenance.  As a nextgen market-defining solutions leader, NovaCHARGE will deliver deep-dive technical expertise from substantial first-hand field experience in installation and support.  We will cover a variety of applications and examples. Open Q&A included.
This session includes but is not limited to:

  1.  A brief overview of EV charging today and where we view it moving forward
    1. The challenges and obstacles to overcome
    2. The benefits of 'smart' charging vs. basic charging
  2. Deep Dive into Level 2 vs. DC Fast Charging Stations
    1. Design, Construction and Power Requirements
    2. Maintenance considerations vs. requirements
      1.  Developing a proactive general maintenance schedule
    3. Next generation of EV charging
      1. What future-proofing can be done at the sites?
  3.  How to support the rollout of seamless charging with the highest reliability
    1. Site requirements
    2. Interfacing with Utilities
    3. Installation of the equipment
      1. Ongoing O&M - Who is responsible
      2. What is included in a maintenance contract
    4. Supply chain considerations and challenges
    5. Why Robust Networks are critical to guarantee uptime
      1.  Information is key for quickly identifying issues at the site
  4.  Installing & Maintaining when Grant Funds are in Play
    1. Rules for Installation Contractors
    2. Regulations for O&M
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William Rigsby
William Rigsby
Director of Sales
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