Alan Westenskow

Director of Business Development

Alan Westenskow is the Director of Business Development for Proterra where he identifies and develops financing options and procurement solutions for Proterra electric buses, other fleet vehicles powered by Proterra batteries and charging infrastructure. Alan has worked at Proterra for 7 years and prior to his work at Proterra he spent 16 years as a public finance municipal advisor providing financing solutions to local governments for energy, transportation and other public infrastructure projects.  Alan developed Proterra’s battery leasing program and helps lead Proterra Energy’s commercial business where he helps customers with their charging, infrastructure and energy needs, including the development of solar microgrid fleet charging solutions.

Alan Westenskow’s Session(s):

| Tuesday, October 18, 2022

10:50 a.m.–11:50 Pacific: EV Charging as a Distributed Energy Source for Grid Balancing

Accelerated adoption of BEVs at the personal and commercial level has increased demand for EV charging, resulting in an excess burden on the electrical power grid. Grid balancing is at the forefront of concern for the industry, its partners, and consumers.  In this session, we will cover: 

    • Understand what is needed to develop a framework for DER market participation
    • Leverage vehicle-to-grid solutions to avoid blackouts
    • Discover the benefits of smart charging 

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