Will Grady

Director of Business Development
EnviroSpark Energy Solutions

Will has been selling EV charging stations and installations for almost 3 years now. Our company is one of few true turnkey providers of EV charging, meaning we will design, quote, build, and provide EV charging stations to a client. This is all we have done since our inception 8 years ago. We currently cover the whole US and have worked with major OEMs in the past such as Tesla, Electrify America, Rivian, GA Power etc. Our mission is to make EV charging more accessible for everyone as this market continues to grow.

Will Grady’s Session(s):

| Wednesday, October 19, 2022

8:15 a.m.–9:00 a.m. Pacific: Streamlining Design and Engineering Processes for EV Installation

Industry experts agree that hundreds of EV charger installations will take place every day in the next several years to meet demand and stave off range anxiety.  The most cumbersome part of the installation is the design, engineering, and permitting processes. Site audits and data collection are primarily on paper and design tools haven't changed to meet the exact needs of EV charger installers. Manufacturers and engineers are working to minimize these processes to take the time it takes to receive a set of permit-ready drawings from weeks to days. 

In the course of this session, we will discuss three ways to minimize the design and engineering process for EV charger installation through an end-to-end case study. 

  1. Digital tools for site survey and design. 
  2. Finding the right engineering partner to work with your company at scale. 
  3. Other digital tools on the market for accelerating the permit process after you've submitted your prints to the municipality.

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