Become a Speaker

Join fellow thought leaders in presenting knowledge only you can share.

The EV Charging Conference enables those looking to step into the landscape of EV to come together and learn the ins and outs of installation, and how to capitalize upon the future state of EV and clean energy.

If you would like to be represented as a leader in the industry, submit a speaking proposal, we want to hear from you!

What we look for

  • Session ideas with clear, concise takeaways for attendees. What are 3 things attendees will be able to do after attending your session? 
  • Case studies. What are some practical, real-life examples attendees can relate to? 
  • As much detail as possible! The more info we have about your potential session, the better we'll be able to gauge whether it's a good fit for our audience. 

Speaker perks

  • Exposure on the event website, emails, newsletters, and other marketing materials and platforms
  • Complimentary full access speaker pass to the summit
  • Virtual networking and collaboration with industry innovators and potential clients/partners

Please note, any companies that are offering services to our audience, may be required to fund their speaking opportunity as part of a sponsorship. This will be subject to proposal submission review. Deadlines for speaking proposals are by June 15, 2022. Thank you for your understanding.

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