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Richard B. Easley, CAPP

E-Squared Engineering

Richard Easley is just completing his first term on the IPMI Board of Directors, Co-Chairs the IPMI Planning, Design and Construction Committee and is the past Chair of both the IPMI Technology Committee and the IPMI ITS/Parking Task Force. He has 38 years of experience in the provision of multi-modal transportation consulting services in 34 states and 25 countries worldwide. In addition to consulting in transportation and parking, he serves on the Board of Directors of ITS Canada (the first non-Canadian Board member ever elected), the Board of ITS Maryland and serves in a Board advisory capacity with the National Society of Professional Engineers. He served in leadership roles in the Institute of Transportation Engineers and ITS America. He has served as chairperson of committees, and subcommittees of various state, national, and international transportation/mobility associations and has conducted transportation workshops or presentations throughout the U.S., Asia, and Europe.


Richard B. Easley, CAPP’s Session(s):

EV Building Blocks: Planning, Design, & Construction Considerations for EVSE Implementation in Parking Facilities — Thu, June 29, 2023


Planning for the installation or upgrade of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is both complex and comprehensive regardless of location.  Planning new or enhanced EVCS in a structured parking facility adds yet another layer of detail and expertise from planners, engineers, architects, and construction experts.  Starting with a facility assessment of current electrical capacity, through selecting charging speed and anticipating future demand and electrical capacity – owners and operators have a great variety of considerations that are impacted greatly by location, structure type, and more. Join this session with experts from the International Parking & Mobility Institute’s (IPMI) Planning, Design, and Construction Committee to assess these considerations, make informed and strategic decisions, and apply best practices for EVCS deployment in structured parking.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand planning, design, and construction considerations specific to installing EVSE in structured parking facilities. 
  • Explore the critical role of EV-readiness facility assessment to review needs, and considerations, including the electrical load, capacity, and proposed level of EVSE.
  • Match infrastructure needs and output to the patrons' expectations and experience.  
  • Learn how to assess whether to continue with existing infrastructure at a decided level of charging or to add capacity.
  • Discuss adaptive load management (ALM) and its impact to your operations. 

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