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10 Vendors That Make it Easier to Manage Your EV Business

To quote the famous poem by John Donne, “no man is an island.” No successful EV business is an island, either. EV businesses are much easier to manage with the assistance of qualified, experienced vendors.

Here are ten expert vendors that can make it easier to manage your EV business. Meet with their representatives and other quality vendors at the EV Charging Summit & Expo, March 29-31, in Las Vegas.

1. Charge to Charge: POS Solutions for EV Charging

Certified by most major US credit card processors, Charge to Charge developed the first purpose-built POS solution for EV charging. They help charging station manufacturers comply with credit card payment acceptance requirements, providing PCI and EMV pre-certified solutions designed by payments industry experts.

2. ChargerHelp! Reliability-as-a-Service Maintenance 

ChargerHelp! provides reliability-as-a-service (RaaS) charging station maintenance to ensure at least 97% uptime. They are the only national provider of technology-first, EVSE-dedicated operations, maintenance, and workforce development services. Notable clients include Chargenet, Duke Energy, Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, EVconnect, Rivian, SemaConnect, Seattle City Light, Shell Recharge, and Tritium.

3. Entech Solutions: Sustainable Energy Management

Entech provides future-focused clean energy solutions, from energy savings assessments to distributed energy integration and asset management. Following Entech’s step-by-step guide (called the Path to Smarter Energy™), clients receive customized energy packages tailored to meet their financial, operational, and environmental goals. Entech is one of three divisions of Faith Technologies, Inc., which serves the EV industry through engineering, construction, manufacturing, and clean energy expertise.

3. EV Passport: Cloud-Based EV Charging Software

’s API-driven, cloud-based software is the first truly open, interoperable EV charging platform. Their custom-branded hardware gives drivers an effortless charging experience using a simple QR code scan – no apps, fobs, or cards. EVPassport features a comparatively low cost of entry and a lucrative revenue share model for fast ROI.

5. EVgo: Nationwide Public Fast Charging Network

EVgo chargers are so prevalent that more than 140 million Americans live within 10 miles of one. The company maintains one of the largest public networks of DC fast chargers in the U.S., powered by 100% renewable energy. EVgo operates more than 850 fast chargers in 60+ metropolitan areas. They work with utilities, government agencies, automakers, site hosts, fleets, and other stakeholders to accelerate transportation electrification.

6. EVoke Systems: Smart EV Charging and Management Platform

Whether you operate an EV fleet, manage an electric utility, or simply drive an EV, EVoke Systems has something to offer. EVoke produces an open, scalable cloud-based platform for EV charging, energy management, and grid interaction. They work with charging hardware manufacturers and channel partners to enable real-time, interactive communication, control, and coordination between site hosts, charging stations, drivers, and grid operators.

7. Orange Charger: Charging Solutions for Multi-Unit Dwellings

Orange Charger designs, builds, and manages affordable charging solutions for multi-unit dwellings (MUD). Users can manage payments, track energy usage, and automate data reporting in one easy-to-use platform. Orange Charger outlets cost just $400 to install plus a $20 monthly fee (or zero monthly fees if the outlet goes unused). MUD property owners can save up to 70% on charging station expenses while generating a 150% return on investment (ROI).

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8. Owl Services: Turnkey Charging Station Installation and Management

OWL Services is a leading provider of EV charger sales, installation, program management, and services for the North American market and the premier partner for fast-charging equipment manufacturers. They provide a turnkey experience from design and construction to installation and ongoing maintenance of all brands of EV chargers. OWL Services maintains more than 1,400 field service technicians in 21 offices across the U.S. 

9. Permit Place: National Permit Expediting Service

For over two decades, Permit Place has been helping commercial projects navigate government codes and regulations to achieve on-time permit approval. They work with EV charging station owners and business partners to simplify permit approval for new charging sites, upgrades, and expansion projects. Services include an online client portal with 24/7 access to project status, including communication logs, schedules, and activity timelines.

10. Shell Recharge Solutions: EV Charging-as-a-Service

Shell Recharge Solutions provides extensive expertise and ongoing support for EV Charging as a Service (CaaS), providing entrepreneurs and fleet owners a risk-free way to install and manage charging stations without investment. Shell’s subscription-based EV charging packages include turnkey solutions with EVSE installation, 24/7 maintenance, customer management, and more. The charging station or fleet operator pays a monthly subscription fee over a fixed term instead of all upfront costs at once. 

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