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20 Leading EV Fleet Management Software Providers

Leading companies, including Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy, FedEx, Verizon, and Pepsico, are electrifying their fleets, and the market for fleet management software is expected to triple between 2021 and 2028. Plenty of game-changing companies are rushing into the space.

This blog post will highlight ten leading fleet management software providers. Each of these companies offers unique and innovative solutions to help businesses of all sizes manage their fleets more effectively. Whether you are looking to charge electric vehicles, track fuel consumption, or improve overall efficiency, there is a provider here that can meet your needs.

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software often includes GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance scheduling, and driver behavior monitoring. By using fleet management software, businesses can improve overall efficiency, save money on fuel and repairs, and reduce the risk of accidents.

Why Is Fleet Management Software Important For EV Fleet Owners?

First, electric vehicles require more frequent charging than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, which can be challenging for businesses without convenient access to charging stations. Fleet management software can help companies to plan and manage their EV charging schedules more effectively.

Additionally, EVs typically have a shorter range than traditional vehicles, making it difficult to track and manage fleet vehicles spread out over a large area. Fleet management software can help businesses monitor the location and status of their EV fleet vehicles in real-time, making it easier to dispatch the nearest car to a customer or job site.

Best Fleet Management Software Providers for EV Fleet Management

1. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect helps you manage your fleet by providing GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance scheduling, driver behavior monitoring, and more. Verizon Connect’s features include charging station location mapping, charging schedule management, real-time fleet tracking, and integrated video and fleet dashcams for driver safety. They serve industries including transportation, logistics, and construction.

2. Geotab

GeoTab’s system uses GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and vehicle diagnostics to help businesses run their fleet safely and efficiently. Solutions are available for companies transporting goods, providing logistics services, or working in construction. GeoTab also embraces sustainability, allowing non-electric users to track emissions and pursue decarbonization.GeoTab works with Tesla Model S cars, BMW i-series, and Chevrolet Volt cars.

3. Fleetio

Fleetio is a cloud-based solution that offers GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance scheduling, and driver logbooks. Fleetio integrates with popular business intelligence tools like Tableau and Power BI. Additionally, Fleetio provides a mobile app that allows businesses to view fleet data and manage vehicles on the go. Some of the high-profile brands that Fleetio works with include Coca-Cola, Amazon, and UPS.

4. Samsara

Samsara offers a complete fleet management software solution that includes real-time GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance scheduling, and driver behavior monitoring. Samsara also offers advanced fuel and vehicle diagnostics and automated workflows, making it an ideal solution for businesses that want to improve overall efficiency and save money on fuel and repairs. Samsara also empowers its users to pursue electrification through EV suitability assessments and route planning to ensure charger access.

5. GPS Insight

GPS Insight (formerly Rhino Fleet Tracking) is another cloud-based solution that offers GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and maintenance scheduling. GPS Insight works with major brands such as UPS, FedEx, and Home Depot. The company stands out against its competition because of its comprehensive set of features and its ability to scale to meet the needs of large fleets.

6. Tookan

Tookan is a fleet management software that offers many features, including GPS tracking, route optimization, and driver behavior monitoring. Tookan is an ideal solution for businesses that manage large fleets of vehicles spread out over a wide area and is specially built for delivery companies. Tookan also integrates with popular third-party applications, such as QuickBooks and Zapier.

7. AUTOsist

AUTOsist offers electric vehicle charging, fuel tracking, and maintenance scheduling, serving the automotive, construction, and logistics industries. AUTOsist’s easy-to-use mobile app works on iOS and Android, which should accelerate efforts to onboard all members of your team. AUTOsist works with major brands such as Tesla, General Motors, and Nissan.

8. Odoo

Odoo is a software that provides a variety of capabilities, such as vehicle monitoring, maintenance scheduling, and driver management. Odoo is especially useful when managing contracts, invoices, and insurance policies. Odoo’s fleet management software is just one of the company’s many offerings, including apps for CRM, eCommerce, and even website building.

9. BigRoad Fleet Tracking

BigRoad has consistently provided excellent fleet management software to the transport industry. In addition to its online fleet management platform, BigRoad provides engine health metrics, historical trip data, and crash detection. Its electric logging solution is fully ELD compliant.

10. Motive

Motive’s solution is designed for the construction, trucking, and delivery industries. They provide features such as EV charging scheduling and real-time EV fleet tracking. Driver safety is Motive’s calling card; they claim a 22% reduction in accidents and a 25% reduction in insurance premiums for their clients. They also boast the “world’s most accurate AI dashcam.”

11. FleetFocus

FleetFocus fleet management software tracks unlimited vehicles, equipment, parts, and fixed assets through entire lifecycles. Information managed by the FleetFocus system includes basic data (year, make, model), maintenance schedules, warranties, recurring costs, and other data points commonly involved in fleet management. The software provides over 275 standard reports (plus ad-hoc reporting capabilities) to help fleet professionals analyze their operations.

12. Driivz InSite

Reduce OPEX and CAPEX with the Driivz InSite fleet management system. This cloud-based software includes a Fleet Manager Portal for controlling EV fleet charging operations, maximizing utilization, and reducing energy costs. The Driivz system’s intuitive, highly automated tools ensure EVs are ready to roll when needed with real-time 24/7 charger monitoring and control, advanced reports and analytics, alerts, and notifications.

13. ChargePoint ViriCiti

ChargePoint’s integrated fleet management platform helps businesses streamline their operations to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership. From station and vehicle management to advanced reporting and real-time insights, the ViriCiti system allows companies to maximize their EV fleet assets. The software makes it possible to increase vehicle and station uptime, expand vehicle range, reduce charging costs, and improve battery health.


PANION, derived from “companion,” helps companies guide their way from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to EV fleets. They produce three software tools: PANION Transition, PANION Charging, and PANION Fleet. Transition analyzes current fleet data, recommends replacement EVs, and tracks reductions in CO2 emissions. Charging monitors energy and charge status, manages fleet assets, and mediates tasks and error handling. The soon-to-be-released Fleet tool will provide a fully integrated organization and communication tool, promising several “smart surprises.” 

15. Greenflux 

Greenflux’s EV fleet management tool allows for viewing, monitoring, and managing fleet activity, offering support to drivers when needed. The cloud-based software platform connects to your own software and ERP systems. Dashboards provide real-time charging activity of charge points and vehicles, including complex data such as license plates, personnel by number, cost centers, and more.

16. Connected Vehicles

The EV management solutions offered by Connected Vehicles allow reporting and integration of the broadest range of EVs and ICE vehicles, all the way down to detecting when a hybrid EV has switched to running on fuel. Get extensive real-time data on batteries, charging, and driver behavior. Know which vehicle has enough charge to take an unexpected trip, set desired charge and no-charge times, and receive automated and custom notifications.

17. Rivian FleetOS

Rivian’s FleetOS proprietary fleet management platform optimizes and automates fleet operations to improve the total cost of ownership and maximize uptime. The software unifies fleet operations, including non-Rivian vehicles, into one centralized platform. It empowers managers with real-time data from vehicles, remote diagnostics, over-the-air, and telematics, among other sources. Uniquely, FleetOS also combines vehicle purchasing, leasing, service, and resale tools into a single platform to simplify upgrading from ICE vehicles to EVs.

18. Make My Day

Make My Day is an Israeli company that provides EV fleet management software, a routing and charging app, and a fleet electrification planning tool powered by an AI algorithm. Their all-in-one helps fleet managers optimize vehicles and drivers in real-time, saving driver time, reducing fleet costs, and lessening range anxiety with AI-driven decision-making.

19. Xosphere­®

Xosphere is an advanced connected vehicle platform that combines proprietary hardware and embedded software with an intuitive user platform. Their feet management tool allows users to connect across all Xos electric vehicles seamlessly. It includes energy solutions with real-time visibility and reporting for vehicle location, charging state, and more. View real-time EV telematics, minimize downtime with automated preventive maintenance, and reduce energy costs by 20-50%.

20. ATTI

ATTI offers standard GPS fleet tracking for business vehicles and uncrewed mobile assets like shipping containers. The Shadow Tracker® Vision III GPS includes 10-second updates, internal battery and cellular backups, and built-in power take-off (PTO) monitoring. Its Geofence feature enables users to designate an allowed usage area and receive alerts when vehicles cross the fence. Administrators can give a general radius or specific shapes to encompass highway routes, bridges, and more.

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