John Erdman

Head of Strategic Accounts
FreeWire Technologies

John heads up Strategic Accounts at FreeWire Technologies. Involved in the EV
industry since 2012, John joined ChargePoint as OEM Account Director, and
continued at ChargePoint as Vice President of Channel Sales through 2020. During
his tenure at ChargePoint, John was integral to the company’s growth from a
single, workplace focused product to a multiple product company, and the
development of multiple channel partners to access new markets. As advances in
DC technology progressed while demand for DC fast charging increased, John was
attracted to FreeWire Technologies’ use of integrated storage to solve the
challenge of grid capacity for DC fast chargers. In 2020, John joined FreeWire as
Head of Strategic Accounts. FreeWire solutions continue to advance, now
delivering charging at nearly a 90% increase over what was available when John
joined FreeWire in 2020. John lives in Boston, MA, and holds a Bachelor of
Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

John Erdman’s Session(s):

| Thursday, August 11, 2022

8:15 a.m.–9:15 a.m. Pacific: The Challenges of EV Charging

EV Adoption at the residential and commercial levels have grown considerably with an EV bought every 6 seconds. With considerable improvements in technologies, transition strategies, access to funding, and more - there are still challenges facing the modern world of EV charging. 

We will discuss key issues that face the EV Charging market and its consumers, that everyone from municipalities to residential communities and commercial businesses must be aware of such as:

  • Identify public and private charging needs and the role that equity plays
  • Understand EV load and grid utilization
  • Explore soft costs and the realities of owning and operating
  • Examine charging station options and how to leverage bidirectional charging

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