Naeem Farooqi

VP of Fleet Strategies
INF Associates

Naeem is a key member of INF Associate’s Fleet Electrification & Consulting Team with expertise in business case development and asset management. His proficiency spans organizational performance benchmarks, accessibility design and compliance, supply chain and goods movement, fleet procurement, fleet decarbonization, charger strategy and emission optimization, technology feasibility analysis, project development, and strategy execution within various transit and fleet functions.

Naeem is known for solving complex fleet challenges with innovative approaches. Naeem supports INF upfront consulting services to optimize fleet transition strategy through unique technology and hands-on fleet solutions. Naeem has worked on zero-emission transit projects across the globe including Canada, the USA, Peru, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean, and Ivory Coast.

Naeem Farooqi’s Session(s):

| Thursday, August 11, 2022

8:15 a.m.–9:15 a.m. Pacific: The Challenges of EV Charging

EV Adoption at the residential and commercial levels have grown considerably with an EV bought every 6 seconds. With considerable improvements in technologies, transition strategies, access to funding, and more - there are still challenges facing the modern world of EV charging. 

We will discuss key issues that face the EV Charging market and its consumers, that everyone from municipalities to residential communities and commercial businesses must be aware of such as:

  • Identify public and private charging needs and the role that equity plays
  • Understand EV load and grid utilization
  • Explore soft costs and the realities of owning and operating
  • Examine charging station options and how to leverage bidirectional charging

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