Siri Simons

Sustainability Program Supervisor
Minnesota Department of Transportation

Siri Simons is the Sustainability Program Supervisor in MnDOT’s Division of Sustainability and Public Health. She leads and coordinates statewide transportation sustainability efforts, including the Clean Transportation Pilot Program, statewide EV planning, and the Governor’s Climate Change Subcabinet - Transportation Action Team. Prior to joining MnDOT, she coordinated residential energy efficiency policy development as a fellow with the City of Minneapolis Sustainability Office. She received her Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and her undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management from the University of Minnesota.

Siri Simons’s Session(s):

| Wednesday, August 10, 2022

1:15 p.m.–2:15 p.m. Pacific: Collaborating with Municipalities and States

Site planning extends outside of your property and the utility company. Every state and municipality has its own version of sustainability, initiatives and standards that will affect your installation process. Understand the key players when you need to collaborate with local authorities. 

  • Public-private partnerships 
  • Best practices
  • Funding
  • Contributing to the city’s infrastructure 
  • Benefits and risks for site hosts

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