John E. Doran

PlugIn Stations Online, LLC

John grew up in New City, New York and attended the State University of NY at Oneonta for his Bachelor’s degree and Kansas State University for his Master’s. His degree has a specific concentration in Satellite Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. In 1998 John became a history teacher in the Albany City School District, where he taught courses ranging from World History to Anthropology and Sociology.

On Earth Day 2011, he started PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) and has been installing all levels of EV charging since then. PlugIn Stations Online currently employs more than 30 individuals and covers the entire Northeastern United States as well as Florida. To date, PISO has installed more than 3000 ports, with customers such as the MTA (Manhattan Transportation Authority), NYPA (New York Power
Authority), NFTA (Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (Electric Bus Pantograph
Chargers)) and NYISO (New York Independent Systems Operator). In 2020, John and his team purchased Valatie Falls Hydropower and brought an old, out of service, hydroelectric plant back to life. 

John E. Doran’s Session(s):

| Wednesday, August 10, 2022

10:50 a.m.–11:20 a.m. Pacific: Start to Finish: Site Evaluation and Installation for Sustainable EV Charging

As the implementation of several infrastructure bills begin to be rolled out across the nation, builders, property owners and EV drivers alike, are asking questions about how this will impact them. The purpose of this presentation is to take a deep dive into what questions should be asked and how to best utilize this money and your parking in order to maximize charging experience.

While this presentation is intended to answer many of the questions people may have, as it pertains to EV infrastructure, of course, there will always be circumstances that arise that are unique to your site.

We will discuss key issues that fall under each phase of the project life cycle — start, construction, and post-installation:

  • Identify the problem and the expectations of the project
  • Understand future demand and initial utilization
  • Explore expected costs and timeframes
  • Examine charging station inner workings and various network providers

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