Ahmed Mousa

Lead Utility of the Future
  • CEO/founder of two international consulting companies: Electric Bridge Consulting and 100% Energy Club
  • Consultant, Utility of the Future manager (first chosen manager), electrical engineer, R&D manager, and climate champion
  • Adjunct professor, and author of four (4) books
  • Active member on five (5) boards, and SEPA’s cybersecurity working group chair
  • Trainer/adviser, mentor, DEI leader, coach, and speaker
  • 20 years of experience at Con Edison, PSE&G, PEPCO, and First Energy:
    • Field, planning, long-range planning, energy master plan, design engineering, operations, project management, training, smart grid, DERs and EVs’ grid impact, energy efficiency, DSM/DR, VVO/VVC, and AMI
    • Transmission and distribution (T&D) reliability, load relief, load forecast, emergency response, best practice/benchmarking, enterprise risk management, disruption, IT/OT, IT Cybersecurity, agile systems, data analysis, ML/AI, and drones
    • Sustainability, resiliency, climate change mitigation studies, microgrids, DMS/ADMS/DERMS/EMS/AEMS/GMS, non-pipe alternatives/solutions (NPA/NPS), RNG, hydrogen, FERC 2222 and transactive energy, and non-wire alternatives/solutions (NWA/NWS)
    • Generation, transmission, sub-transmissions, substations and distribution systems
  • Technical adviser/lead/project manager: PSE&G Clean Energy Future, NJ Governor’s 50/100% clean energy system by 2030/2050 and 600/2,000 MW energy storage mandate by 2021/2030, intelligent touchless substation and smart transmission, PSEG 2030 100% net-zero, PSEG Race to Zero, change management and the workforce of the future
  • Con Edison Distribution Engineering ALVA Award for 21st Century Leader

Ahmed Mousa’s Session(s):

| Wednesday, August 10, 2022

8:15 a.m.–9:15 a.m. Pacific: The Future of EV Charging

What value do these stations bring to our customers and/or employees? What is the grid and what does it have to do with our site? Will people still be driving EV’s and have EV fleets in the future? 

All valid questions. Ahmed, Andrew and Brian will discuss current trends and the path forward, renewable energy and smart charging, and emerging opportunities ahead.

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