Wed, March 20, 2024   |   4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

(Workshop G) Networks for a Supercharged EV World – What You Need to Know!


Join NovaCHARGE for a deep-dive overview of networks for seamless operation in EV driving and EV charging.  During this two-hour session, Will Rigsby from NovaCHARGE will cover the “must-know”  information about the ins and outs.  With his 15+ years of experience in EV driving and EV charging, he’ll bring real-world insights into why networks and software have transitioned to be the most important element in the EV ecosystem today and for the future. This session will be a mix of education and open conversation with the audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of networks for EV hosts, owners, and drivers
    • What is a network, what is a CPMS, and why are they important? 
    • What is involved in integrating charging hardware and software?
    • What to look for when selecting a network?
    • “Open Standards vs Closed Standards”- Why should you care?
  • What features and capabilities are important for today’s networks?
    • How important is reliability?
    • Real-time responsiveness
    • Data accuracy
    • Creating ROI in EV charging
    • Importance of roaming agreements
  • What will the future of EV ecosystem networks look like?
    • Should we all just go buy a Tesla?
    • What is OCPI?
    • What are the EV automakers doing?
    • How does ISO 15118 play a role?
    • And what about AI?  Will we see its use - how and when?
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William Rigsby

William Rigsby
VP of Sales and Operations

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