Fri, March 22, 2024   |   1:45 pm – 2:15 pm

Growing an EV Charging Company: Founder, HR Leader, and Venture Capitalist Discuss Strategic Planning


Natalie King
Natalie King
Founder & CEO
Dunamis Charge
Raymond McSpirit
Raymond McSpirit
EV Recruitment
Michelle Kershaw
Michelle Kershaw
Humantics LLC
Michael Young
Michael Young
Managing Partner
Tale Venture Partners

In this panel, experts in various roles will weigh in on the role of strategic planning when it comes to growing an EV charging company. 

Topics include:

  • Each speaker’s approach to strategic planning, including internal and external factors that impact it
  • Examples of challenging real-time adjustments against a strategic plan
  • How organizational structures change throughout growth
  • The intersection of recruitment and organizational planning 
  • How companies can incorporate a DEI plan into hiring and training
  • Where companies fail at strategic planning and pitfalls to avoid
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