Fri, March 22, 2024   |   3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

The Future of Infrastructure: The Electrified, Interconnected Interstate


Matthew Kavanagh
Matthew Kavanagh
Chief Operating Officer
INF Associates
Ramya Winstead
Ramya Winstead
Director of Product
Prologis Mobility

Freight infrastructure, including road transport, is the lifeblood of the United States economy and a subset of critical infrastructure. Early-stage electrification plans and proposed market solutions for essential and heavily trafficked domestic freight corridors in the United States have a long way to go. Regional planning efforts need to be coordinated to ensure that a unified, right-sized network is created. 

INF and its partner ecosystem are redefining what the future of an electrified, interconnected interstate can look like. Their plans for zero-emission charging infrastructure for medium and heavy-duty trucking will enable widespread adoption by producing the greatest co-benefits for road transport stakeholders. Enter the “Evergreen Charging System,” a win for investors, utilities, the freight industry, and the planet. 

Join this panel with INF Associates and Prologis to learn:

  • How the “Evergreen Charging System” addresses pain points of infrastructure costs, reliability, total cost of ownership, permitting and interconnection timelines, disaster resilience, national security, and more.
  • How policy, development, and supply chains/third-party logistics/real estate/energy solutions can work together toward a sustainable future for medium- and heavy-duty transportation decarbonization.
  • Learn how partnership is the new leadership and how collaboration of research, data, and development leads to the best and most rapidly deployable solution.
  • Learn from INF Associates how the US is developing a National Freight Strategy for the Electrification of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles 
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