Thu, March 21, 2024   |   9:35 am – 9:45 am

The Path Forward: A New Phase of EV Charging


Andrew Cornelia
Andrew Cornelia
President & CEO
Mercedes-Benz HPC North America

The EV charging industry is entering a new phase – quality, speed, and reliability must be delivered quickly and at scale. In this new era, the industry as a whole must look not simply to meet demand but to accelerate it. This will require an updated way of thinking across the board: from the capital we need to build more public charging, to the high-quality labor force that we all must collectively help build and support if we're to meet uptime and fit seamlessly into EV drivers' lives. Despite billions of dollars invested in EV charging across the US, drivers overwhelmingly cite charging as the biggest hurdle to adoption. Collectively, we must prioritize the quality of the charging experience as the catalyst to the cultural evolution of transportation itself.

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