Thu, March 21, 2024   |   4:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Converting to EVs for Fleet Operations: Leveraging Planning & Analytics for a Seamless Transition


David Fuchs
David Fuchs
Business Development Manager
Sawatch Labs
Scott Johns
Scott Johns
Chief Commercial Officer
Sapphire Gas Solutions
Cecile Post
Cecile Post
Head of Sales

Making informed decisions and reaching sustainability goals through EV fleet investments begins with extensive planning and leveraging the right insights. This panel will dive into:

  • The basic formula of fleet electrification planning: matching energy supply and energy demand
  • Testing the appropriate technology for your business before making a significant infrastructure investment
  • How telematics data concerning charging, driver conduct, vehicle usage, and various operational aspects can aid fleet managers in achieving cost reductions and enhancing operational efficiency
  • Different operational configurations as your fleet grows and power demand increases (and how to avoid over-investing)
  • Optimizing depot charging (you don't need a charger for every vehicle)
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