Jim Frank

CEO and Founder

With more than thirty years of experience in the energy, electrical, and telecommunications industries, Jim combines his expertise in network management with deep knowledge of energy-related construction, maintenance, and upgrades to lead ventures in the EV charging space, including EV charging station implementation partner, HiON EV, and EV charging equipment distributor, HiON Distribution.

Jim has long-standing relationships and recognition with the EV charging industry. He serves on multiple boards and leadership groups, and his insights help shape the national conversation around vehicle electrification and the development of its required infrastructure.

Jim Frank’s Session(s):

11:30 am–12:00 pm | Fri, March 22, 2024

Turnkey Solutions: Partnering Directly with EVSEs and EPCs for Easy and Efficient Implementation and Optimized Operations

Starting from site feasibility analysis all the way through to the operations and maintenance of charging infrastructure, discover how turnkey delivery models with an integrated Design, Procurement, Construction, and Operations approach are enabling projects to avoid common roadblocks and deliver better value for both L2 AC and L3 DCFC public and private charging infrastructure owners. 

This includes cost savings, time savings, and better design quality made possible by EPC organizations with design, installation, and operations capability deploying integrated processes developed specifically for EV Charging Infrastructure projects with EVSE partners, Utilities, and AHJs. 

In addition, learn how you can mitigate the operational issues that have plagued charging infrastructure across North America through the implementation of proven models deployed at thousands of facilities globally. This will include discussions on Efficient, Resilient, Immediate, and Scalable 24/7 Operations as well as Trained & Certified Technical Expertise, with consideration for critical design inclusions related to location and infrastructure that enable the achievement of operational KPIs.

Join this session to discover what you have been missing in your EV Charging infrastructure program that will help you reduce roadblocks and significantly improve both project delivery and operations. Join industry experts from EVSE and integrated EPC organizations with experience delivering programs with more than 1000 sites, engaging more than 100 utilities on EV charging projects, and managing over 40,000 locations.

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