Amin Younes

Utilities Engineer
The Public Advocates Office at the California Public Utilities Commission

Amin Younes is a utilities engineer in the distribution planning and policy section of The Public Advocates Office.  His work areas include distributed energy resource (DER) interconnection, long-term distribution planning for a high-DER future, planning for electric vehicle (EV) adoption, and microgrids.  He recently led the development of a model and report that forecasted the impacts of EVs and other load growth on California’s distribution grids through 2035 and calculated the major drivers of costs and the impacts on customer rates.

Before joining the Public Advocates Office, Amin was a graduate student research assistant at the Schatz Energy Research Center at Cal Poly Humboldt, where he researched offshore wind in California’s North Coast and the use of bioelectricity to charge EVs under the U.S. Renewable Portfolio Standard.

Amin Younes’s Session(s):

10:35 am–12:00 pm | Fri, March 22, 2024

Utilities: Energy Management & Infrastructure Deployment

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