Kristin Larson

Southwest Industrial Electric

CEO Kristin Larson started her journey with Southwest Industrial Electric as the Director of Technical Services over 18 years ago. Prior to joining SIE, she dedicated her years to a non-profit tutoring center, honing skills in training, sales, recruiting, and finance—a valuable foundation for managing the multifaceted responsibilities of running SIE. Kristin's intrinsic goal to empower people, especially within SIE, has cultivated the present-day environment—a robust and outstanding organization where individuals flourish, delivering top-notch electrical services to our customers daily.

Kristin firmly believes that a content and thriving workforce translates to the delivery of excellence to customers. The aspect she cherishes most about her role is the people, be it the staff, customers, or vendors. According to Kristin, working with such fantastic individuals contributes to a fulfilling professional experience. Moreover, she recognizes the paramount importance of the electrical industry, given its role in powering various sectors. Kristin appreciates the technical facets of providing solutions that contribute to the smooth functioning of industries reliant on electricity.

Kristin Larson’s Session(s):

8:00 am–9:30 am | Thu, March 21, 2024

Establishing Business for Electrical Contractors and Electricians

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