Irma Henderson

Director of Transportation, Parking, and Fleet Services
University of California, Riverside

Irma Henderson, CAPP, is the Director of Transportation Services at the University of California Riverside (UCR) where she oversees parking, transportation, and fleet operations. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Irma serves a campus community of approximately 27,000 students and 9,000 employees by moving the UCR forward with innovative, environmentally sound, and resourceful transportation options for the future growth and education of our community. She is an active member and participant in regional and national industry associations and is a current board member of the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI).  Her interests lie in the integration and adaptation of various technological solutions and consumer behavioral changes.

Irma Henderson’s Session(s):

3:20 pm–4:10 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Shaping & Optimizing the Future of Parking Today

As the adoption of EVs increases, EV charging and management solutions must quickly adapt to the demand.  Understanding the formula for implementation and scalability will ensure successful charging adoption. 

This session will discuss:  

  • Optimizing the use of EV charging spots
  • Implementing real-time data and data collection in charging spot occupancy
  • Increasing income through monetization
  • Strategies to overcome “hogging” and “ICEing”

1:00 pm–2:30 pm | Fri, March 22, 2024

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