Mayuresh Savargaonkar

Research Engineer
Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Mayuresh Savargaonkar is a research engineer at the Idaho National Laboratory. He currently serves as one of the technical leads within the ChargeX Consortium, a collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing public EV charging infrastructure. This consortium is sponsored by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation. In his role, Dr. Savargaonkar actively collaborates with various government and industry partners to address the critical aspects of hardware and software interoperability in EV charging systems. His contributions include the development of innovative concepts like 'Minimum Required Error Codes' and 'Seamless Retry.' Dr. Savargaonkar possesses a strong passion for advancing interoperability by means of EV charging standards, including ISO 15118, OCPP 1.6/2.0.1, and OCPI. His work is dedicated to ensuring the seamless and efficient operation of electric vehicle charging stations, thereby promoting the widespread adoption of clean energy solutions. His expertise includes the development of novel AI and ML tools using Bayesian learning for various applications, including LIBs, self-driving cars, EV public charging infrastructure, and verification and validation of AI in transportation.

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