Ryan Kennedy

Atom Power

Ryan Kennedy is the founder of Atom Power, a networked energy company. An electrician-turned-founder with 27 years in the industry, Ryan has a vision to create a more efficient, more sustainable electrical system capable of supporting the electrification of everything – starting with the transportation sector by reinventing how electric vehicles charge. Prior to founding Atom Power in 2014, Ryan was an electrical project manager for the electrical consulting company WB Moore. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering.

Ryan Kennedy’s Session(s):

10:30 am–11:15 am | Thu, March 21, 2024

You’re Investing in EV Charging - Now What? Choosing the Right Business Model & Level of Ownership

When first starting your EV Charging business, there are myriad business models and levels of ownership to consider. Different vendors and partners can offer varying levels of support, depending on how hands-on your organization wants to be in the strategy, installation, maintenance, and support of your EV Charging stations or vehicles. 

In this session, you’ll hear from government agencies that have started their EV programs from scratch alongside vendors that can share perspectives on the solutions that might work best based on your program goals and needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Review the scale of options available to EV leaders from full ownership to turnkey vendor solutions
  • Available business and monetization models and costs every EV program manager should be aware of
  • Examples from LA County and Cobb County Governments to show what a successful hands-on approach looks like

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