Bryan Horowitz

Product Manager, Sustainability

Bryan Horowitz is a Product Manager at Google, driving sustainability through innovative technology solutions. Currently, he is working on various mobility efforts that empower individuals, organizations, and governments with the data and tools they need to create positive action for our planet.

Before joining Google, Bryan spent five years at IBM, leading the company's startup and ISV partner programs. He played a pivotal role in expanding IBM's partner ecosystem and driving the adoption of its cutting-edge technologies. His expertise extends to artificial intelligence, where he served as a Product Manager at IBM Watson. He played a key role in launching and growing various AI-powered solutions and businesses across multiple industries during his tenure. 

Bryan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Environmental Studies from Bucknell University.

Bryan Horowitz’s Session(s):

3:20 pm–4:10 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Shaping & Optimizing the Future of Parking Today

As the adoption of EVs increases, EV charging and management solutions must quickly adapt to the demand.  Understanding the formula for implementation and scalability will ensure successful charging adoption. 

This session will discuss:  

  • Optimizing the use of EV charging spots
  • Implementing real-time data and data collection in charging spot occupancy
  • Increasing income through monetization
  • Strategies to overcome “hogging” and “ICEing”

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