Sri Senthamaraikannan

Director, Product Management

Sri is currently the Director of Product Management at Southwire Company. As the largest manufacturer of wire and cables in the US, Southwire products are used in various industries, including the EV market. With a background in Electrical Engineering and an MBA with Dean’s Honors form Loyola University Chicago, Sri’s role in product management is driven by her passion for making a positive difference. Her journey from a product management intern to a director is inspiring and showcases her determination.

Sri Senthamaraikannan’s Session(s):

2:45 pm–3:30 pm | Fri, March 22, 2024

The Antidote to Chaos: EV Charging Standardization

EVs are here to stay.  However, charging has not met the demand, and variations in charging infrastructure result in roadblocks to consumer choices.  Every industry boom requires standardization alongside innovation. Join this panel to learn how these players are influencing the future of standardization and how businesses can anticipate and prepare for a congruent ecosystem.

This session will explore the changes happening now and the innovations of standardization for:

  • Multi-Standard Chargers
  • Solar Powered Charging Stations
  • Smart Charging Networks
  • Wireless Charging Pads

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