Chris Foley, PLS

EV Infrastructure Lead

In his role as EV infrastructure lead Chris works with multiple stakeholders on successful EV deployments nationwide. He specializes in client relations and finds satisfaction in helping OEMs, developers, contractors and public and private interests with the scope, schedule and implementation of their projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Westwood offers a full suite of end-to end solutions for those EV infrastructure projects including site due diligence, electrical design, civil site design and permitting support. Chris is a professional land surveyor who has experience in all phases of land development including engineering design surveys, ALTA/NSPS land title surveys, subdivision surveys, construction staking and geodetic control networks. He’s been working with EV clients since 2019.   

Chris Foley, PLS’s Session(s):

1:05 pm–2:05 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Dig It: Site Installation and Considerations

Installing EV charging stations at your residential, commercial, or municipal site can be an incredible opportunity to increase cash flow and reap numerous value-creation opportunities. However, not every site is shovel-ready.  New installations require careful planning, permitting, and design. This session will dive into site analysis, security requirements, infrastructure planning, power requirements, environmental integration, and installation.

Join us for this fundamental session to learn:

  • Evaluating your site and assessing charging types for capacity needs
  • How to coordinate early with the local utilities to verify power demarcation and pathways to the charger locations
  • Guiding principles for site selection, feasibility, and design decisions for your region
  • Proactive subsurface damage prevention measures
  • Assessing population, density factors, and local income rates that could impact your site

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