Joachim Lohse

Founder & CEO

Joachim Lohse is the CEO and Founder of Ampcontrol Technologies, Inc. After years of consulting with energy companies Joachim leveraged his knowledge of the grid and EV fleets to build software that would help fleet operators maintain a high charger uptime, plan routes, coordinate with energy tariffs, and monitor their vehicles and chargers with live data. This laser focus on electric fleets allows Ampcontrol to support fleets in various industries and use cases, including transportation & logistics, transit buses, rideshare & taxis, food & beverages, and school buses.

Joachim Lohse’s Session(s):

3:20 pm–3:50 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Incorporating Fleet Management into Your Operations

This panel will look at fleet management optimization through the operations lens. Topics discussed include:

  • Core challenges when it comes to fleet management charging
  • How to ensure fleet charging infrastructure is optimized to fit your operation’s needs
  • Ways to increase efficiencies through hyper-reliable software solutions
  • Integrating all components of fleet management into one solution for easier management and maintenance
  • Remote troubleshooting and recovering faster from an interruption
  • Dynamic load balancing to optimize charger power consumption

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